Not your traditional take on Yin and Yang, these beautiful end tables would complement any rustic design or for someone with an adventurous style. the Oak Burl tops have amazing character by themselves, complemented by the opposing black and white stone inlay and contrasting grout, these live edge tables are our personal favorites. These lovely table tops are held aloft by amazing twists of Oriental Bittersweet vines rising  out of the floor to present them.  The tables are 28 1/2 inches tall' making them perfect for bedside or couchside, they are 21 inches in diameter , leave roughly a 22 inch diameter footprint and weigh approximatley 40 pounds each. There are multiple coats of Spar Urethane for durable long time protection in doors or outside. would not recommend they be outside exposed directly to th weather because of the inlay style as you can see in the pictures. These tables are an absolute one of a kind, Like everything we do here at mornin wood.

*price does not include shipping and handling*

"Yin and Yang with a Twist"

  •  they were made as a set however we would consider parting the set for $475.00 per table