The pictures do not do this piece justice. Indicative of Mornin Wood pieces we like to represent the beauty and struggle of Oriental Bittersweet and its impact on the native plants it encounters. This young sapling's struggle began early on as the bittersweet vine wrapped it's way around and even through the length of this beautiful piece. The bittrsweet was painstakingly removed leaving this amazing natural specimen. Lots of love went into the finishing touches. starting with the leather fringed cap with white black and turquise beads, and beautifull pheasent feathers. the "Healing Touch" is the real turquise stone inlay with a

great healing qualities such as : strengthening the chakras; strengthening the organs; balancing Heart, Thymus, and Throat chakra; neutralizing negative energy; and calming overactive thoughts -to name a few. Its been sanded and polished with love by Artist Sandra Avery Diliberti it also has  a delicate turquose stripes about a third of the way up. Go on a hike and walk like a Proud Spiritual Warrior with this Powerful Staff. it weighs about 6 ponds and is 68 inches tall which is a good height for most. 

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Magically Twisted Walking Staff