We LOVE to make Enchanted Pedestals here at Mornin Wood Studios!! Each Enchanted Pedestal starts with that Amazing find, that one of a kind piece that grabs your attention after hacking through the woods all day. this piece is no exception, well thats not completely true. The exception is that this tree was done in by a piece of Wysteria. The piece was then cut into sections and mounted on a Black Tupelo base with Tupelo disks at varying heights. Wysteria is an amazing survivor and also very destructive when left to grow wild. Much like Oriental Bittersweet, it competes for the canopy and will stop at nothing as it seeks the light. 

this is a multi functional piece to display your plants, your precious stones , cherished figurines and photos or....if your an animal lover our cats love the one we made for them.  this really is an Amazing one of a kind piece, it weighs in at about 60 pounds,is 49 inches tall, about 31 inches at its widest, and 28 inches deep.

*price does not include shipping and handling*


"Enchanted Pedestal" 4 tier